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Monsoon ready

Monsoon ⛈️. Monsoon is around the corner and so is so many infection and diseases. Babies and young children needs special care during this season. We can avoid these disease and infection by preparing ourselves for Monsoon , here I'm sharing few tips and tricks for taking care of baby in this Monsoon season Babies sweat a lot due to the humid weather in Monsoon ,keep them clean , wipe them time to time with soft cotton cloth , avoid using any kind of wipes . Frequently change babies nappy and make their private area dry, do not use talc on the private area. Bath your baby everyday with parabens free soap or body wash.  Don't overdress your baby , make them wear full sleeve top/t-shirt. Clothes should be breathable. Food- Always prefer home cooked meal for your babies in Monsoon or otherwise as well . Wash fruits and vegetables thoroughly. Avoid eating stale / old food during this season. Cook food in limited quantity and finish it the same day. And always give