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I am the most important influence in my child's life

Parenting is one of the most blissful yet challenging journeys we will ever undertake in our life.
But as a parent, most of the time, you are clueless about it.

It is hard to stay calm all the time as we are humans as well. We do have hard time where we lose ourself, it's a lie long mindful journey. As a mother, as a father and as a parent grow and evolve equally with our children.

Observing our child and following their uniqueness is such a beautiful thing, Just stop for a moment and think about your natural way of parenting and customise/personalise it to your child. So many unwanted suggestions on feeding, boasting that others ' children are eating well, staying bubbly, reading and writing well really leads to guilt and worry.

Even I was worried at one point because all kids around knew their colors/Alphabets and were very prompt in recognising them. But my kid wouldn't. But later i realised she does a lot of things independently which many kids of her age don't. So every child is unique. We just need to believe in them.

Each kid as their own individuality and I wish every parent learn to respect that .
Many a time we parents are not ready to compare ourself with a fellow mom / dad but without a second though we jump in to comparison when it comes to kids.

We as parents tend to fall for this comparison thing but it's important to step back and understand that every kid is different. Every kid learns things at their own pace.

What one child does might not be of interest to other child who is at same age. Never compare/get into pressure that will stop them to blossom with their own creativity.

Our little one's wont be little all the time. They grow year by year and we don't even realise and understand when they have turned into a man.

Let them plant a tree, let them know to be kind, let them be independent, let them cook, let them know the essence of love and friendship, let them know how to share, let them know all are human whether they are black or white, let them respect all the religions and teach them to be thankful.
Whatever they do guide them, monitor them, nurture them, and support them when needed.
So experience each day with joy. Allow them to play as much as they like to.
A quote from Benjamin Franklin.
"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn".


  1. Absolutely they take their time to bloom just like flowers, beautifully written Richa

  2. Written it so apt. We parents sometimes do compare and worry.

  3. True. I also don't belive in comparing. Ive two kids and both have crossed milestones at different age. No two fingers are same n we need to walk at our child's pace and not pull them with us.

  4. Not a parent but some days back I saw a video that showed that how comparing effects the kids. However, your points is very true as well...

  5. True, agree with you that's the reason I never compare my kids with anyone or themselves.

  6. Absolutely, parents are the first and greatest influences in the life of a child. And this is more true in the initial growing years, when the child is observing and learning behaviour. Sandy N Vyjay

  7. Yes indeed! Although am not a parent but can understand.

    What they see & hear impacts their lives a lot.

  8. I completely agree with you that we are the ones who influence the kids most. From the birth till the time they go out and explore the world themselves we influence them with every action. Its good to involve them in everything

  9. Oh yes. I am surely become a better person at least for my kids. I realized that they copy me more than listen to me 🤣

  10. You're so right about providing our kids the necessary guidance to help them grow. I have two kids aged 13 and 9 and I love them like crazy. Whatever they do, I make sure I am there for them, guiding them, nurturing them, and supporting them whenever needed.

  11. Absolutely, every child looks up to their parents and they need the guiding and learning. And it is important to give good values and lessons. Its all the trial and error as they do not come with manuals, so do your best and you will be awesome.

  12. Children learn mostly from what parents do and how they behave. From the beginning, providing a healthy family environment and proper values is necessary for their growth.

  13. This is so beautifully written. They need proper environment and guidance to bloom just like flowers. They learn what they see.

  14. Parenting taught me so many things and I think I am a better version of me now. I agree Our little one's wont be little all the time so cherish this time and teach them right values so that they can grow as responsible adults.

  15. Each child is unique and so is the parenting journey of each parents. Yes, one should stay away from the comparing trap yet many of us fall for it though sometimes it is momentary; that is human nature and slowly we as parents accept that are child is different from others and there is no race in a life.

  16. I absolutely agree with you. Every child is different and each one can excel at different things at different stages in their life. As parents we need to understand this and stand back to watch our children bloom. Let us nurture them rather than replanting them every now and then.


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