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Easy to carry, disposable changing mats.

However, good you are, or become, at changing nappies, there will be times when accidents
happen, and a waterproof, wipe-down mat will be just the thing you need. Whether you are
shopping, sitting in a restaurant or on a holiday, a thin, foldable mat, stored in your bag can be very handy and useful.

Using a portable, changing mat means you can change your baby whenever you need to,
without sacrificing comfort or safety. If you have been looking for the best portable changing mat, Teddyy Changing Mats are the best in the market. It’s one of the most revolutionary products in the market right now.

If you want to travel with your baby and worry about changing diapers on the go, try this clever little changing mat. You can make change your baby anywhere and anytime by putting him/her on this Teddyy mat. This is also super soft on my baby’s delicate skin. Because this mat has a waterproof back cover that prevents water leakage and spills, diaper changes have become a breeze.

Not only can your little one kick about as much as he/she wants, but potential mishaps
like soiling your clothes, carpet or bed are also averted. Super Absorbent Changing Mats: Teddyy Changing Mats are made of soft spongy material which absorbs faster. Its gel technology converts the liquid into gel and its criss-cross design prevents leakages and spills. It can act as an extra protective layer when the baby is either in the cradle, floor, car or bed. You can also use it to protect your clothes while carrying your baby in arms, its super absorbent sheet makes sure your baby is dry, always!

It helps a lot while traveling and can be used to do hassle-free diaper changes while traveling. It is a nice innovation by the Teddyy brand and keeps me tension-free when I am traveling or visiting my relatives. As a frequent traveler, I was in a need of this sort of product, and when I came to know about this, I was relieved. Changing mats are a must-have product in one’s baby care kit, especially while traveling or going out. These mats are handy, and hence, can be taken anywhere. If you are outdoors and need to change your baby’s diaper, it acts as a diaper station. If you are traveling, it is easy to use and throw away without creating any mess. And the best part is that it’s affordably priced. These leak-free, disposable mats are super-absorbent, small enough to fit in your bag and very hygienic – they can be disposed of as soon as you’ve used them. You
don’t have to carry messy mats around with you!

All new moms should give it a try, at least when they are traveling. An ideal product to be
included in the "must-have" category of diaper bag essentials!

#SuperMats ForSuperMoms


  1. This is a very informative.
    We will get these for Aarza :)

  2. Whether you are a cloth diapering mama or a disposable mama changing mat is the need of the hour! So I will recommend this mat for sure with my friends as it’s necessity for a new mama’

  3. I have heard a lot about this changing mat. Would really like to try once as my son is still diapering. It would be a great investment to save myself from accidents and leaks

  4. These mats have turned out to be saviour for our travel times .. earlier it used to be mess...

  5. These mats look really nice and useful for travelling!

  6. Looks like a life saviour product for moms. Will save so much of hassle and extra work of washing the cloth mats.

  7. Wow.. Wish I had these mats when my kids were young and I seriously need them while traveling

  8. These mats srems to be an amazing product. Will surely gonna try.


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