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I wish that I could love you back to life💕

"Some of us mourned losses and said goodbyes to the babies who grew in our hearts, but not our bellies."
Why we never talk about miscarriages?
Is it still a stigma attached to this topic
One in four women will experience a miscarriage in their lifetime – that’s 25% of ALL women – why is it we can’t talk about it?
Pregnancy loss is subterranean in our culture. We really only see the “success” stories. For every “we’re pregnant!” post on Instagram, Facebook there are untold numbers of women and men who never shared their struggles with fertility or lost pregnancies.
Most pregnancy loss this early in the gestational period is due to chromosomal abnormalities that are incompatible with life
For writing on this topic I thought to do some research first ofcourse with Google baba 
I read around 30-40 stories of miscarriages and with every story my heart was sinking and beating like I am doing some rollar coster ride
But mommies we should talk about this, we should make aware new mommies to be,
I am no expert but have done some research
Few things to be understood before conceiving
Reason for miscarriage -
1.) Abnormal Chromosomes- Chromosomes contain the genes that determine your baby's unique traits, such as hair and eye color. A baby can't grow normally with the wrong number of chromosomes or with damaged ones
2.) Medical Conditions- diebetes or high blood pressure, thyroid , problem with your cerivx or uterus .
3.) Lifestyle- Somking, drinking can be one of the cause for miscarriage remember moderation is the key it's absolutely fine if you're occasional smoker or drinker .
4.) Environmental Hazards- If you're passive smoking can also be caused, solvent like paint, thinner , pesticides for killing insects etc.
So if you know anyone around you who just had a miscarriage, don't tell them it's ok- its common, it happens! It does, but a loss is a loss even if it is some one you haven't even touched as yet! 
Support them through this extremely painful period of life.🤗💕


  1. So true we are not suppose to compare two children as each one is born with different ability. You have bring forth good points.


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